Workshop Series in Toronto, Ontario


April 25 (10 – 5:00pm): Peacemaking in practice

Peacemaking is the art of integrating practices and routines in your life that help
conflict resolution. This may be conflict within oneself, with others, or in a cultural
context. Mark is an expert at cutting through the tough stuff that fills our everyday
lives, and helping people identify quick (and sometimes not so quick) solutions to
help create a more peaceful existence. He will be sharing tools and techniques to
manage challenges in people’s daily lives and to create more communicative
relationships with those around you. He will also focus on practices that everyone
can integrate that proactively prevent conflict from arising in the first place, be with
your friends, co-workers, children, spouse, or parents!

April 26 (10 – 5pm): The Generation Gap: Tools to re-connect generations

How life-stage needs change over time, and how this can effect community strength.
In this workshop, participants will look at different human life-stages, and learn
about the needs and gifts each one carries. Through this and other strategies, Mark
will help participants develop tools to create shared value systems within the
household, family, and in the community. Whether it’s a lack of shared values
between generations, a goal of creating character in young people, or a concern that
children are growing up in a world that just doesn’t seem to be designed with their
basic needs in mind, this workshop will shed insight and ideas to help bring younger
and older people together in healthy relationship that benefits all.
Mark has spent the last 15+ years working with people all over the world, focused on
increasing personal, community, and ecological health, and investigating how these
things are related. His strong relationships with people from diverse cultures has
helped him understand how important a diverse range of life-stages is to creating a
healthy, high functioning community.

April 27 (10am – 5pm): Advanced Nature Connection Tools

In this workshop we’ll be looking at how connecting with nature can help solve big
picture problems. Those that have yet to take a workshop with Mark will be able to
take plenty away from this, even though it is designed to be a next step from our
previous one day workshops with Mark on Nature Connection. The workshop will
focus on key topics including, but not limited to:
1. Designing context around mentoring opportunities in nature to build resilience,
curiosity, and deep love of the outdoors
2. Storytelling and creating inspiration
3. Missions and errands and how they can lead to deep learning
4. Metaphors in nature and how they relate to the human journey
5. And who knows what else?! Mark is a master of improv and bringing what the
group needs


For more information, please visit the Pine Project

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